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FAQ for Logistics App

What exactly does Logistics.ONE do?

Logistics.ONE is transport software that was developed to support the activities of drivers and deliverers, even if they provide additional services, such as installing white goods or assembling furniture. Logistics.ONE focuses on the processes of companies involved in logistics and transportation, with an emphasis on what happens outside trucks or vans. Logistics.ONE software receives information from a central system, displays it externally, registers what is happening and enables you to communicate all the necessary information to all parties involved. Logistics.ONE is flexible and easy to configure. The logistic software can adapt completely to your process and is extremely user-friendly.

What kind of companies is Logistics.ONE suitable for? 

Logistics.ONE is a logistics software that can be used by any transport company or logistics service provider. The services of our customers are very diverse. Logistics.ONE is used in night distribution, web deliveries, two-man deliveries, furniture transports, possibly including assembly, Last Mile delivery, medication transports, sand and gravel transports, building material transports, high-tech deliveries including installations, consumer deliveries, barcode scanning processes, grease disposal in restaurants and supermarkets, as well as when registering and taking samples.

Can the use of Logistics.ONE lead to savings?

Of course, but the result of using Logistics.ONE software depends specifically on your current situation. If you are still using a lot of paper in communication between the office and your people outside, the amount of work in the office will decrease exponentially. If the current solution contains older software and hardware, you can, in future, realize more visits per tour. Suppose you are already offering cash on delivery items with a mobile PIN device and have to do a lot of research in the evening. In that case, you have full insight with our integrated solution at the push of a button. If you now use customized software, we can implement your future requirements and wishes many times faster from our standard function.

Which standard functionality can I find in Logistics.ONE? 

Logistics.ONE offers extensive standard functions such as order management, barcode scanning, cash on delivery recording, packaging returns, dynamic surveys, adding files, photography, digital signatures, time recording, GPS track & trace, phone calls, navigation, instructions and warnings in the event of deviations. In addition, we have optional components such as monitoring, parcel tracking, easy enrollment, survey editor, payment solutions, LO1 connector and much more.

Do you have a solution for monitoring ongoing processes? 

Yes, we offer the use of various monitor functions as an additional option via our cloud environment. For example, to display the GPS position, the progress of a tour, the status of the individual stops or Proof of Delivery.

Is Logistics.ONE multilingual? 

Yes, Logistics.ONE is already available in 6 languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Polish and Spanish. In addition, it is easy to add a language or replace an existing language, even if it has to be Chinese or Russian. In the mobile app, the user can switch this at an appropriate moment.

Can we get management information with Logistics.ONE? 

Yes, this is possible through the use of our report engine, with generate reports from the Logistics.ONE database. These can be adapted to requirements and individualized according to user groups.

Does Logistics.ONE support delivery of goods combined with services? 

This is part of the core quality of the Logistics.ONE software. Logistics.ONE is used in the delivery and installation of white and brown goods, in the delivery and assembly of furniture, as well as in the delivery and installation of kitchens, hospital equipment, ATMs, gaming machines, computer equipment, printers, medical devices and solar systems.

In which countries is Aventeon active? 

Aventeon has customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Spain. Our goal is to expand these activities throughout Europe. For this, we offer an attractive partner model with many services.

On which mobile devices can I use Logistics.ONE?   

Logistics.ONE must be installed on a device running the Android operating system. Our customers use rugged mobile handheld computers from manufacturers such as Honeywell, Zebra, Panasonic and Point Mobile, on cell phones, on consumer tablets from Samsung or on robust tablets from Zebra, Honeywell and Mio.


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