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Integration of payment solution in Logistics.ONE!

The most recent version of Logistics.ONE software, the best mobile solution for supporting Last Mile Distribution, now offers an integrated payment solution, for credit and cash cards. This option went live in Germany, in association with Lavego AG from Munich.

Lavego’s SApp software and Logistics.ONE are both installed on one device, currently Zebra’s TC75 or Samsung’s Galaxy Active Tab. For use of cash and credit cards, a CCV Fly device is linked using WiFi to the mobile device. Logistics.ONE and SApp exchange data and after a payment is completed, the driver can continue with the next logical step in his workflow. Only one network is used, payment is registered and directed using Logistics.ONE, so mistakes aren’t possible.

The integration of the payment solution in Logistics.ONE does again demonstrate the advanced, innovative character of the Aventeon organization. The solution went live in Germany, of course we like to realize this effective option for many customers outside Germany too. 


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