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Logistics Software - Logistics.ONE – Mobile Solution for Transport and Logistics!

Excellent Last Mile support, knowing the exact location of your shipments, uniform processes, highest percentage successful first deliveries, save time and money on communication, Management By Exception, process optimization, going ahead of competition, "Always On", knowing what happens outside your vehicles and make the delivery-man your principal's business card are various targets which are realized by using the Logistics.ONE software.

The Logistics.ONE solution guarantees proven, highly effective functionalities which are currently operational at customer sites of companies successfully active within markets such as Package Delivery, Service Logistics, Webstore Delivery, Wholesale, Retail Distribution, Two Man Handling, Night Distribution and fine-meshed distribution.

Aventeon offers optional components which make it possible to inform and update all participants in the logistics process. Drivers, couriers, planners, Customer Service employees, principals, destinations and consumers always have the most recent information available, thanks to Logistics.ONE. Informing all parties involved is a dynamic process, based on real time information.

Using Logistics.ONE makes you become a process director, a wide range of proven functionality such as Order Management, Barcode Scanning, Payment Registration, Packaging Materials, Dynamic Surveys, Pictures, Digital Signatures, Hours & Activity Registration, GPS Track & Trace, Phone calls, Navigation, Instructions and Alerts is available.

Logistics.ONE software supports the use of Android smartphones, robust rugged PDA's (Android) and Android tablets.


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