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Paperless, Fine-meshed Distribution and Optimal Supply Chain

With a lot of flexibility being able to, user friendly and paperless, support a variety of processes has been a decisive reason to select the Logistics.ONE for companies active within Fine Meshed Distribution.

Principals increase their demands, they need actual statuses of shipments and expect your company being able to scan barcodes, make pictures and provide them with digital signatures and Proof of Delivery.

Logistics.ONE software is extremely flexible and allows you to, for instance per principal, presents very different tasks to your drivers. Using smartphones, tablets or rugged PDA's, your company is always aware of the actual location of shipments, you enforce uniform processes and your company reduces costs and time spent on communication.

You will be able to introduce a Management By Exception strategy, have full control over all processes and will realize a highly effective optimization.

Flexibility and being able to perfectly support very different tasks and services are key qualities for companies who want to be successful within Fine Meshed Distribution. Aventeon Logistics.ONE solution can generate a lot of added value for your company!


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