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Optimal Support for your Logistics Services with and Service Logistics Software

Processes in wholesale have become more dynamic and distribution, often under the influence of E-Commerce, more fine meshed. This has contributed to the successful use of Logistics.ONE by wholesalers.

Using Logistics.ONE, statuses and locations of shipments are always clear. You can introduce a "Management By Exception" strategy, take full control over your processes and immediately react on diversions. Real time information can be shared with 3rd parties to ensure the right information is always known to the right people at the right time. That way the wholesaler reduces costs and time needed related to communication.

The digital exchange of information and features of Logistics.ONE such as Barcode Scanning, Packing Materials, Payment Registration, Dynamic Surveys, Pictures, Digital Waybill and Digital Signature establish an efficient optimization and uniform processes.

Introducing Logistics.ONE within your wholesale company creates the foundation for a successful future in which you are very capable to supply your customers with the support they require or demand. You will get ahead of competition and be able to offer a wide variety of services.


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